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Occasionally we are lucky enough to be able to bring in an Artist’s work to illuminate our space.

Currently on display:

CanadiAnna: Celebrating 150+

Photography by Anna M. Kindler

Artist Statement:

CanadiAnna: Celebrating 150+ is a collection of works that pay homage to Canada – a country that became my home over 25 years ago and which in 2017 celebrates its history and accomplishments from the indigenous beginnings through the last 150th years since confederation. The title reflects the connection between the Canadian landscape, symbols and signifiers and my personal ways of seeing, reflecting and re-framing the reality of the Canadian experience. The photographs have been taken on the traditional, ancestral territories of the Musqueam and Similkameen First Nations in British Columbia, Canada.

The works register fleeting visual encounters embedded with multi-layered interpretative possibilities. My creative expression has long been inspired by an insatiate desire for visual representation that relies on seeking the potential for collaboration between the natural world, the power of imagination, and the capacity of a camera lens to focus on what otherwise may have not existed. We are conditioned to pay attention to enduring appearances but, to our loss, fail to attend to the disappearances that hold beauty, delight, and an open invitation to re-imagine ourselves and the world in ways that enrich the soul. This series of works attempts to elevate visual and conceptual disappearances that that are part of our Canadian experience but which we too often neglect to hold, cherish and deploy to positively transform our lives.

Exploring the medium of photography, I am humbled by the possibility to contribute to the creation of artifacts that emerge through collaboration with nature; I acknowledge the dependence on the sun that continually re-shapes what is in front of my eyes; the significance of weather conditions that trigger unique visual effects; and the impact of the seasons that transform appearances, moods and feelings. My works are created at the moment the picture is taken – and although digital photography offers unparalleled possibility for further editing and refinement, I consciously refrain from this practice. The thrill of creating my works is in the seeking, finding and capturing those rare moments of alignment between the reality of my surroundings and my creative imagination that triggers an idea for a lasting artifact. This approach to photography has taught me a great deal of patience and creative discipline; and the ability to deal with the frustration of having just missed – by a split second – a possibility of an artwork that has disappeared in front of my eyes.

True to the idea that the essence of my work is in identifying and capturing those rare, fleeting moments of a perfect alignment between the external world and the creative possibilities afforded through the intervention of my eye and mind, the photographs are taken with unsophisticated cameras. Some (the Maple Leaf series) have been taken with a smart phone; others with simple portable cameras that easily fit in my pocket. The decision to abandon the benefit of sophisticated photographic equipment has been reinforced by my commitment to encourage others to engage more fully with the visual world; to enrich their lives by using a camera that they have at their disposal to experience not just what they see, but also what they could see if they invested their imagination in this process.


About the Artist:

Born in Warsaw, Poland Anna M. Kindler is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland and the School of Art and Design and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In 1990, she immigrated to Canada to join the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC which has been her primary academic home throughout her professional life. An artist and art educator, she has pursued creative work in photography alongside research on artistic and aesthetic development and social cognition of art, as well as teaching and university leadership. In the early 2000’s she was the Dean of the School of Creative Arts, Sciences and Technology at the Hong Kong Institute of Education and then served for 10 years as Vice Provost and Associate Vice President Academic of the University of British Columbia. Recently, she spent considerable time in Taiwan as a Visiting Chair Professor at the National Taiwan Normal University. Her limited edition photographs have been exhibited in individual and juried group art exhibitions in Europe, North America, and Asia, and have been acquired for public, corporate, and private collections, including the Krannert Art Museum in the USA, the Museum of Modern Art in Macao, the Art Museum of the National Taiwan Normal University and the Corporate Headquarters of Hewlett-Packard in Hong Kong. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Sam Black Award; the Lowenfeld Award; The Ziegfeld Award, the Distinguished Alumni Award from the School of Art and Design, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is also a Distinguished Fellow of the National Art Education Association in the USA.


Selected Exhibitions:


2017  Holding Disappearances. Individual Exhibition. Art Gallery of the Taiwan Culture University. Taipei, Taiwan.

2016  Art Fusion. Group Exhibition. The Inlet Theatre Galleria. Port Moody, BC, Canada.

2015   TAPS 2015 (Taipei Art Photography Show). Taipei, Taiwan.

2015  Canadianna. Individual exhibition, The-Chun Art Gallery, NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan.

2012    Winter DeLights. Individual exhibition. Art Gallery of the Consulate General of Poland, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2007    Natura. Individual exhibition. Art Gallery of the Consulate General of Poland, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

2005     Eco Art. Group exhibition. SCARP, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2004    At the Fringe. Group exhibition in conjunction with the Hong Kong Biennial Exhibition, Hong  Kong Museum of Art. HKIEd Art Gallery, Tai Po, Hong Kong.

2004    In Touch with Visual Arts. Invited 6 artists exhibition. Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong.

2004    Creative Arts Group Exhibition. University Museum and Art Gallery. Hong Kong University.

2003    Light Touches. Individual exhibition. Taipa Houses Museum, Macau, SAR.

2002    Lightwave Fantasia. Individual exhibition. The Hong Kong Institute of Education Art Gallery. Hong Kong.

1999    WaterColours. Individual exhibition. The Teck Gallery. Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre. Vancouver, BC.

1995    Pacific Gardens. Individual exhibition. Vancouver Museum, Vancouver, BC.