@ UBC Robson Square

Occasionally we are lucky enough to be able to bring in an Artist’s work to illuminate our space.

Currently on display: “Thunder in Our Voices” – September 8th to 27th


On the 40th anniversary of the Berger Inquiry, UBC Allard Law brings to you “Thunder in our Voices” an exhibition showcasing northern Indigenous art and interviews with Indigenous leaders who participated in the Inquiry. This event is offered through the generous support of the City of Vancouver and the Canada Council for the Arts.

The exhibition will be installed at UBC Robson Square from September 8 to 27, 2017.


Berger Inquiry

From 1975-77, BC Justice Thomas Berger reviewed a controversial proposal to build a pipeline from Alaska, down the Mackenzie Valley, to markets in the US. In addition to the formal hearings in Yellowknife, he heard the views of residents of thirty Dene and Inuvialuit communities across the North. The Indigenous communities spoke as one: no pipeline until their land claims were settled.

Those hearings helped to spark the modern Indigenous land claims movement in Canada. Today, Thomas Berger is assuming a new role in the legal case against the Transmountain Pipeline, slated to pass through British Columbia to Vancouver.